CS5460 Energy Meter Module

Description of product


The CS5460A is a converter that contains two ΔΣ analog-to-digital converters (ADC), high-speed power calculation and a serial interface To-digital converter with a high degree of integration. It can be precise Measurement and calculation of active energy, instantaneous power, IRMS and VRMS,For the development of single-phase 2-wire or 3-wire meter. CS5460A The current can be measured using a low-cost shunt or transformer Voltage is measured with a voltage divider resistor or a voltage transformer. CS5460A With the microcontroller to communicate with the bi-directional serial port, the chip pulse input The frequency is proportional to the active energy. CS5460A is convenient On-chip AC / DC system calibration.The "bootstrap" feature allows the CS5460A to work independently, After the system power automatically initialized. In the self-boot mode.
The CS5460A reads the calibration number from an external EEPROM According to the start instruction.
The CS5460A operates when using this mode When no additional micro-controller, so when the meter for large quantities Residential energy measurement, can reduce the cost of the meter.

Features of CS5460

  • Power Data Linearity: Linearity in 1000: 1 dynamic range Is ± 0.1%
  • On-chip functions: can measure power (active), I * V, IRMS and VRMS, with power - pulse conversion function
  • Can be "self-guided" from the serial EEPROM smart, not micro Controller
  • AC or DC system calibration
  • A mechanical counter / stepper motor driver In line with IEC687 / 1036, JIS industry standards Power consumption <12mW
  • Optimized shunt interface V to I phase compensation
  • Single-supply ground reference signal
  • 2.5 Volt on-chip reference voltage (maximum temperature drift 60ppm /)
  • Simple three-wire digital serial interface
  • Watchdog Timer With a power monitor
  • Power supply configuration : VA + = +5 V; VA- = 0V; VD + = + 3.3V ~ + 5V