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Crowd Supply Omega2 Pro Standalone Development Boards feature built-in 580MHz MIPS processor, 512MB memory, 8GB storage, and 2.4GHz b/g/n Wi-Fi. These development boards run on OpenWrt embedded Linux distro operating system that is pre-loaded in storage. The Omega2 Pro development boards are compatible with the whole ecosystem of expansions that add functionality. These expansions include NFC/RFID, ADC, GPS, OLED, Servo (PWM), Relay, Ethernet, and Proto expansion. The Omega2 Pro development boards are ideal IoT computers that ensure optimum scalability for prototypes and production, easily embeddable form-factor, and versatility with multiple hardware expansions.


  • 580MHz MIPS CPU
  • Memory:
    • 128MB RAM
    • 384MB flash
    • 8GB storage
  • 2.4GHz b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity
  • OpenWRT 18.06 Linux operating system
  • LiPo battery management and JST-PH battery connector
  • 30-pin expansion header
  • Micro USB (power and serial)
  • USB host
  • USB-to-serial UART
  • Full-color Notification LED
  • Antenna:
    • 2dBi directional chip antenna
    • U.FL connector for external antenna
  • 73mm x 44mm dimensions

Omega 2 pro overview

Schematic - Crowd Supply Omega2 Pro Standalone Development Boards