CPU - Central Processing Units SvrWS XP Cascade Lake-SP 8C 4215 2.5G 11M 85W

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Xeon® Second Generation Scalable Silver Processors

Intel® Xeon® Second Generation Scalable Silver Processors are 64-bit x86 dual-socket multicore server microprocessors built on 14nm lithography process technology. The processors are based on the Cascade Lake microarchitecture that allows for higher clock speeds. The processors are also optimized for demanding mainstream data center, multi-cloud compute, and network and storage workloads. Silver processor-based systems enable network appliances with hardware-enhanced virtualization capabilities. The processors support up to 46 bits of physical address space and 48 bits of virtual address space. The processors also support eight to 16 cores with 1TB memory per socket. The devices boost embedded AI performance with AI acceleration.