CompecTA​ ​Nova​ ​Engine™​ ​G80Ti

Description of product

CompecTA Nova Engine™ is an all-in-one, powerful, energy-efficient, cool and quiet deskside solution for Deep Learning needs. It's an alternative to NVIDIA® DIGITS™ DevBox. Built with the world’s best hardware, software, and systems engineering for deep learning in a powerful solution that can fit under your desk. It comes with Deep Learning Neural Network library, Deep Learning Frameworks, Operating System and Drivers pre-installed and ready to use.

Enterprise Level Support  
CompecTA Nova Engine™ comes with an Enterprise Level Support package from HPC experts with over 20 years of experience in the field. We will assist you with any problem you may encounter with your system.

Free CPU Time
CompecTA Nova Engine™ comes with 100 thousands hours of CPU Time on CompecTA's in-house HPC Cluster service called FeynmanGrid™. Use this opportunity to gain experience on using HPC Clusters or performance test any application or to test some new code/application.

Specifications :
  • Ubuntu​ ​14.04/16.04
  • NVIDIA-qualified​ ​driver
  • NVIDIA®​ ​CUDA®​ ​Toolkit
  • NVIDIA®​ ​cuDNN™
  • Caffe,​ ​Theano,​ ​Torch,​ ​BIDMach
Includes :
  • Nvidia​ ​Pascal​ ​GTX​ ​1080​ ​Ti​ ​11GB​ ​GDDR5X​ ​GPGPU
  • 64​ ​GByte​ ​(4​ ​x​ ​16GB​ ​DDR4​ ​2400MHZ)​ ​Memory
  • ASUS​ ​X99-E​ ​WS​ ​Workstation​ ​Class​ ​Motherboard
  • INTEL​ ​CORE​ ​i7​ ​6850K​ ​3.60GHz​ ​6-Core​ ​Processor
  • 512GB​ ​PCI-E​ ​M.2​ ​SSD​ ​cache​ ​for​ ​RAID
  • 3TB​ ​SATA​ ​6Gb​ ​3.5”​ ​Enterprise​ ​Hard​ ​Drives​ ​in​ ​RAID​ ​5
  • 250GB​ ​SATA​ ​6Gb​ ​Internal​ ​SSD​ ​for​ ​OS
  • 1600W​ ​Power​ ​Supply​ ​Unit
  • Dell​ ​27"​ ​UltraSharp​ ​FHD​ ​6ms​ ​Monitor
  • LOGITECH​ ​Keyboard​ ​&​ ​Mouse​ ​Set