Color click

Description of product

Color click is a compact and easy solution for adding color sensing to your design. It features TCS3471 color light sensor as well as RGB LED diode. The TCS3471 features red, green, blue, and clear light sensing (RGBC) that detects light intensity under a variety of lighting conditions and through a variety of attenuation materials. RGB LED is provided to help you illuminate the objects if no other light source is available. Color click communicates with the target board microcontroller via mikroBUS I2C (SDA, SCL) and INT lines. The board is designed to use 3.3V power supply only.


ApplicationsBoard is an excellent choice for RGB LED backlight control, color temperature monitor, industrial process control, medical diagnostic and many more
On-board modulesTCS3471 color light sensor
Key FeaturesResolution Up to 16 Bits
Key BenefitsVery High Sensitivity — Ideally Suited for Operation Behind Dark Glass
Input Voltage3.3V or 5V
Click board sizeS (28.6 x 25.4 mm)