CMOS Camera Adapter Board for Omnivision Image Sensor

Description of product


Support most OmniVision COMS Camera module  
OV7670/OV7725  0.3mega pixel
OV9650         1.3mega pixel
OV2640         2.0mega pixel
OV3640         3.0mega pixel
OV5642         5.0mega pixel
Single power supply range:2.8V~3.3V
8 bit RGB/YUV/Raw camera data bus
Pin pitch:2.54mm
Can be used in MCUs, ARMs, CPLD, FPGA, DSP paltform

Signal Definition:

VCC : Power Supply 
GND : Power Ground 
SCL : I2C Clock 
SDA : I2C Data 
VSYNC : Vertical Sync 
HREF : Horizon Reference 
PCLK : Pixel Clock 
XCLK : Master Clock 
D0~D7 : Data Bus 
Y0~Y1 : LSB in YUV 10 bit mode 
Flash : Optional Flash signal 
PWDN : Power down input  ard

Package Including:

1 x CMOS Camera Adapter Board for Omnivision Image Sensor