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PI6CG33x Gen 4/5 Compliant Clock Generators

Diodes Incorporated PI6CG33x Gen 4/5 Compliant Clock Generators offer an ideal clock solution for data centers, servers, storage, and network applications where the PCIe interface is used. The PI6CG33x Clock Generator series includes 2-output, 4-output, 6-output, and 8-output devices. These devices use either a 25MHz crystal or a CMOS reference as an input to generate the 100MHz low power differential High-Speed Current Steering Logic (HCSL) outputs with on-chip terminations. The on-chip termination eliminates the need for external resistors, simplifying PCB layout and reducing the bill of materials (BOM). An additional buffered reference output is provided to serve as a low noise reference for other circuitry.