L-Clamp - Center Shaft gear motor (bracket) - 2 pieces

Description of product

Center Shaft Gear Motor - L - Clamp - pack of 2

General Description

L Clamp motor mounting bracket is designed for Center Shaft Gear Motor to make the motor mounting easier and firm. The clamps serve as the fundamental parts which attach to the chassis.

This L Clamp bracket for Johnson/any standard Gear Motor is made up of 2mm thick Mild Steel which gives them excellent strength and stability. It has 13.5mm diameter holes for attaching the motor to the bracket and also 3mm diameter holes for mounting the bracket to the chassis or application.


  • Motor mounting side
    • Height: 40 mm
    • Width: 40 mm
  • Bracket mounting side
    • Length: 40 mm
    • Width: 24 mm
  • Motor weight: ~15gms

Package includes: 2 x L-Clamp for center shaft motor

*Image shown is a representation only.