Camera Accessories Real Sense D400 50-pin Interposer

Camera Accessories Real Sense D400 50-pin Interposer

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Intel® RealSense Depth Camera D400 Series are designed to equip devices with the ability to see, understand, interact with, and learn from their environment. The D400 Series includes ready-to-use cameras that can be easily added to your existing prototypes via USB, Depth Modules that can be integrated directly into product designs, Vision Processors and Vision Processor Cards to process the raw data from the RealSense™ Cameras, and Intel® RealSense SDK (Software Development Kit), an open source, cross platform Development Suite including libraries, wrappers, sample code, and tools.

RealSense Depth Cameras use stereo vision to calculate depth. The stereo vision implementation consists of a left imager, right imager, and an optional infrared projector. The infrared projector projects non-visible static IR pattern to improve depth accuracy in scenes with low texture. The left and right imagers capture the scene and sends raw image data to the Vision Processor, which calculates depth values for each pixel in the image by correlating points on the left image to the right image, and via shift between a point on the Left image and the Right image. The depth pixel values are processed to generate a depth frame. Subsequent depth frames create a depth video stream.