D25XB80 - 800V 25A Zip Full Wave Bridge Rectifiers [High Quality]

Description of product

25XB80 Bridge 800V 25A Bridge Rectifier


  • Peak Reverse Voltage (Vrrm): 800V
  • Max. RMS Bridge Voltage (Vrms): 700V
  • Max. DC Blocking Voltage (Vdc): 800V
  • Av. Forward Rectified Current (Io): 25.0A
  • Maximum Reverse Current (Ir): 5µA
  • Forward Volt Drop per Element (Vf): 1.1V
25XB80 is a Single Phase Bridge Rectifier with 800V Peak Reverse Voltage. Its a four terminals bridge, the Anode and Cathode labelled over the layer. The Control terminal is called Gate is attached to the P Type material near the Cathode, it Acts as a Bistable Switch.

This Rectifier are used for Power Circuit, Detect the Amplitude of Modulated Radio Signal, Supply Polarized Voltage in Welding, Detecting the Amplitude of Modulated Radio Signals, etc.

*Image shown is a representation only.