BOOSTXL-DRV3245AQ1 Evaluation Module

Description of product


Texas Instruments BOOSTXL-DRV3245AQ1 Evaluation Module is a platform for evaluating the performance of the DRV3245AQPHPRQ1 motor gate driver. The DRV3245AQPHPRQ1 is intended for high-temperature automotive applications and is designed according to the applicable requirements of ISO 26262 for functional safety applications.

The BOOSTXL-DRV3245AQ1 Evaluation Module utilizes a compact and modular form, offering ease of use. The device is designed to dock with compatible TI LaunchPads for a complete motor control system. Combined with an MCU, the device offers flexible configurability and can run a motor through an easy-to-use Graphical User Inteface.


  • Operating supply voltage as low as 4.5V, 45V Abs Max.
  • Six N-Channel MOSFETs with low side current monitoring through on board shunt resistors and reverse polarity protection
  • Protected phase voltages provided to header pins through divider
  • Connector available for Hall or Encoder sensor input
  • Compatible with Hercules LAUNCHXL2-TMS57012 LaunchPad and many other TI LaunchPads
  • Note: Does not include TMS570LS1224 Launchpad or recommended motor