BLUE LED Indicator 230V

Description of product


This type of Panel mount LED Indicator also called as Pilot Lights that is used in Industrial Panels for On, Off, Run, Trip, Start, Stop Indication. Blue LED indicator light has long service life, lower power consumption and compact. With concealed terminal, it is both safe and creditable. 

These indicators can be used directly with PLC's having 230 volt output or can also be interfaced to a Microcontroller through a Relay or a Triac. 

Features Of Blue Indicator

  • High-strength Polycarbonate lamp shade material
  • Indicator Lamp is anti-interference signal Lamp
  • Built-in screw wire is more safe and convenient
  • Colour : Blue
  • Input Voltage : 230V AC
  • Mounting depth: Approx. 29mm/1.1".
  • Size : Fit for 22mm-25mm/0.86"-0.98" diameter mounting hole, Panel Mounted