Beagle bone Dvi-D Cap

Description of product

BeagleBone Capes are expansion boards by CircuitCo which can be stacked onto the BeagleBone Community Development Board, up to four at a time. BeagleBone Capes fall into several categories--communication capes, display and interface, sensor and control, and prototype and miscellaneous capes. The communications capes include the RF Cape, Wi-Fi Capes, CANBus Cape, RS232 Cape, and the RS485 Cape. Modules in the display and interface category are LCD Capes, DVI-D Capes, and the Camera Cape. The sensor and control category includes the Motor Capes, Ninja Cape, Weather Cape, and the Audio Cape. And the prototype and miscellaneous capes are the Breadboard Cape, Breakout Cape, 3D Printer Cape, and the Battery Cape.

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