Battery Management High-side protector for single-cell li-ion and li-polymer batteries 8-X2QFN -40 to 85

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Description of product

bq2980xy Voltage, Current & Temperature Protectors

Texas Instruments bq2980xy Voltage, Current & Temperature Protectors features integrated charge-pump FET drivers and provides high-side primary battery cell protection for 1-series Li-Ion and Li-Polymer batteries. This feature enables consistent Rdson across cell voltages. For better system thermal performance, the bq2980 device’s accuracy enables the use of a sense resistor as low as 1mΩ. The CTR pin in the Texas Instruments bq2980 device can be configured to override the FET driver by host control to create a system reset or shutdown function. The CTR pin can also be configured to connect an external Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) thermistor for FET OT protection in addition to the internal die temperature sensor.