Battery Management 3- to 5-series li-ion and li-phosphate ultra-low-power stackable battery protector 20-TSSOP -40 to 85

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Description of product

bq7790x Stackable Li-Ion Battery Protector ICs

Texas Instruments bq7790x 3-to-5 Series Stackable Li-Ion Battery Protector ICs are low-power battery pack protectors that implement a suite of voltage, current, and temperature protections. These protections are all done without microcontroller (MCU) control. Protection thresholds and delays are factory-programmed and available in a variety of configurations. Separate overtemperature and undertemperature thresholds for discharge (OTD and UTD) and charge (OTC and UTC) are provided for added flexibility. These devices achieve pack protection via the integrated independent CHG and DSG low-side NMOS FET drivers, which may be disabled via two control pins.
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