Coupled Inductors 6.8uH 20% 6.4A 0.021ohm AEC-Q200

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Description of product

B82477D6 Compact Dual Inductors

EPCOS / TDK B82477D6 Compact Dual Inductors feature a ferrite core and magnetically shielded construction with an enamel copper wire winding welded to the terminals. The inductor's winding technology allows for the tight coupling of the two windings. The components feature a high-rated current, low DC resistance, and are qualified to AEC-Q200. The series has a rated inductance range of 3.9µH to 47µH and a rated current of 2.83A to 7.05A. The case size is 12.5mm x 12.5mm x 10.5mm. EPCOS / TDK B82477D6 Compact Dual Inductors applications include common mode chokes, DC-DC converters (especially for single-ended primary-inductor converter [SEPIC] topology), and 1:1 transformers.