EMI Filter Circuits 0402 28VDC 6.8pF 10% Audio Line

EMI Filter Circuits 0402 28VDC 6.8pF 10% Audio Line

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ESD Notch Filters

TDK ESD Notch Filters combine electrostatic discharge protection and noise suppression into a single component. This includes varistor material commonly used for ESD protection and has integrated proprietary materials and structure design. This protects electronic circuits from electrostatic discharge and enables highly effective noise suppression by achieving high attenuation for a given frequency. These components have low audio distortion (THD+N/total harmonic distortion + noise) which is advantageous in audio lines such as earphones, microphones, and speakers. The AVRF series components are highly effective to counter burst noise (TDMA/TDD) and for measures related to reception sensitivity. TDK ESD Notch Filters are well suited for audio equipment that is designed for high sound quality. Typical markets include medical / healthcare, information and communication technology, wearables, home appliances, cars, and industrial equipment / energy.