Audio Amplifiers 7-W, digital input smart amp with I/V sense for speaker protection & integrated 13-V Class-H boost 36-DSBGA -40 to 85

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TAS2564 Digital Input Audio Amplifier

Texas Instruments TAS2564 Digital Input Audio Amplifier is a Class-D audio amplifier with a 256 level, 13V Class-H boost. The robust 13V Class-H boost provides the power needed for peak output while the algorithmically-controlled 256 level boost reduces the average power consumption. The boost is easily configured with PurePath Console GUI. The Class-D amplifier is capable of delivering 7W of peak power into an 8Ω speaker. TAS2564 is 83.5% efficient at 1W output level. Integrated speaker voltage and current sense, provides real-time monitoring to keep speakers in the safe operating area. Battery tracking peak voltage limiter, with brown-out prevention, optimizes amplifier headroom over the entire battery discharge. Up to four devices can share a common bus via I2S/TDM + I2C interfaces.