ARM Microcontrollers - MCU High Efficient Arm Cortex-M33-based Microcontroller

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LPC550x/S0x Microcontrollers

NXP Semiconductors LPC550x/S0x MCUs offer advanced security, making it ideal for industrial, IoT, and general embedded applications. The LPC550x/S0x Arm Cortex-M33 based microcontrollers feature a CASPER Crypto engine with up to 256KB on-chip flash and up to 96KB of on-chip SRAM. The MCUs also include a PRINCE module for on-the-fly flash encryption/decryption. The LPC550x/S0x includes many timers, including a Code Watchdog, CAN FD, five general-purpose timers, one SCTimer/PWM, one RTC/alarm timer, one 24-bit Multi-Rate Timer (MRT), and a Windowed Watchdog Timer (WWDT). Also provided are many flexible serial communication peripherals, a Programmable Logic Unit (PLU), and a 16-bit 2.0 Msamples/sec ADC capable of simultaneous conversions, comparator, and temperature sensors.