ARM Microcontrollers - MCU

ARM Microcontrollers - MCU


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ADuCM410 Precision Analogue Microcontroller

Analog Devices Inc. ADuCM410 Precision Analogue Microcontroller is fully integrated, and includes high-performance analogue peripherals. The devices also include digital peripherals (controlled by a 160MHz Arm® Cortex™-M33 processor) and integrated flash for code and data. The analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) on the ADuCM410 provides 16-bit, 2 MSPS data acquisition using up to 16 input pins. The pins are programmed for single-ended or differential operation. They feature a programmable gain amplifier (PGA) or trans-impedance amplifier (TIA) for voltage and current measurements. Additionally, the die temperature and supply voltages can be measured.