Arduino Zero to Hero Kit(Pre-order)
Arduino Zero to Hero Kit(Pre-order)

Description of product


Open-source, plug & play electronics toolkit for learning Arduino platform 

Online course created by Sanjin Dedić 

Welcome to the world of electronics and programming!
DFRobot proudly presents the Arduino Zero to Hero E-learning Kit which comes complete with an online course created by a well-known Australian Robotics Engineer and Teacher: Sanjin Dedić. The online course is perfect for ambitious beginners and intermediate Arduino users trying to take their circuitry and programming to the next level. See video preview and tutorial list below:

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Tutorial Content List:

1. LED Button Circuit
2. Potentiometer LED Control
3. Simple Current Amplifier 
4. Darlington Bridge Current Amplifier
5. Glow in the Dark Circuit
6. And Logic Gate
7. Or Logic Gate
8. NOT Logic Gate
9. Create an LED Light Panel

10. Led Blink Rate Investigation
11. Using Random To Select LED’s Control Delays
12. Programming Input / Output with Push Buttons

13. Analog Input Demonstrations with Voltage Dividers
14. Photodiodes and LDR in Voltage Divider Light Sensing Circuits
15. Maxwell Colour Wheel with RGB LED
16. RGB LED Colour Mixer with 3 Potentiometers 
17. Light Intensity Controlled Via LDR Circuit
18. Microphone Clap Switch 
19. Microphone Calibrated Double Clap Switch
20. Sound / Music Reacting Circuit
21. Using the Arduino Tone Function
22. Button Controlled Frequency Generator 
23. Piano Circuit with 4 Tones
24. Sound Effects Generator (Fibonacci, Space Guns etc…) 
25. Temperature Plotting Program
26. 7 Segment Display Circuit 
27. 7 Segment Guess The Number Game
28. Reaction Time Measuring Circuit (using LED and Sound Triggers)

29. Creating Arrays to Store Reaction Time Results
30. Saving Reaction Time Results to SD Card
31. Plotting the SD Card Results in Excel 
32. Memory Training Game 
33. Infrared Remote Control Circuit
34. Infrared Remote Controlling a Speaker and LED Panel
35. Reading Accelerometer and Gyroscope Values
36. Connecting Arduino to Processing 
37. Control LED’s via Computer Mouse (using Processing)
38. Visualising Gyroscope and Accelerometer Values (using Processing)


  • Microcontroller: DFRduino UNO R3
  • Power Supply: 5V USB Power
  • Dimension: 220cm * 165cm * 65 cm
  • Weight: 300g



  • DFRduino UNO R3 x1
  • USB Cable A-B x1
  • Jumper Cables M/M x30
  • Jumper Cables F/M x10
  • Resistor 220R x20
  • Resistor 4.7K x20
  • Resistor 10K x20
  • Resistor 1K x20
  • 5mm LED x10
  • IR Receiver Diode x1
  • Mini Push Button x4
  • PT5I850AC Ambient Light Sensor x1
  • GL5528 Ambient Light Sensor x1
  • 2N3904 Transistor x1
  • Tilt Switch Sensor x1
  • 8-Segment LED x1
  • LM35 Temperature Sensor x1
  • Buzzer x1
  • 10K Potentiometer x3
  • Mini Controller (with battery CR2025 inside) x1
  • 400 Tie Point Interlocking Solderless Breadboard x1
  • Acrylic breadboard holder for Arduino x1
  • Gravity IO Expansion Shield for Arduino V7.1 x1
  • Gravity: Analog Sound sensor for Arduino x1
  • Gravity: Digital Speaker Module x1
  • Gravity: Digital PIR (Motion) Sensor for Arduino x1
  • 6 DOF Sensor - MPU6050 x1
  • MicroSD card module for Arduino x1