Arduino UNO with Inbuilt Wifi Module

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Description of product

This module is perfect for your next IoT Project. This is a customized version of classic Arduino UNO R3 Board with Atmel SMD Atmegs328 IC  and WiFi ESP8266 IC having 8 Mb memory . All of the modules can work together or each separately. And everyone has their own pinout headers.

The convenient low cost and without any wiring solution for the development of new projects requiring Arduino UNO and WiFi. Via USB you can update sketches and firmware for ATmega328 and for ESP8266. On board USB to Serial CH340G IC has been provided. This module is very simple to use and has onboard DIP switch to connect various IC's to each other. For example, to: USB and ATmega328, USB and ESP8266, ATmega328 and ESP8266.


Microcontroller: SMD ATmega328

IC Wi-Fi: ESP8266

    • USB-TTL converter: CH340G
    • Power Out: 5 Volt - 800mA
    • Power IN.USB: 5 Volt (500 mA max.)
    • Power IN: VIN/DC Jack: 9-24 Volts
    • Power Consumption: 5 Volts 800mA
    • Logic Level: 5 Volt
    • WiFi: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
    • USB: Micro USB
    • Clock Frequency: 16MHz
    • Operating Supply Voltage: 5V
    • Digital I/O: 14
    • Analog I/O: 6
    • Memory Size: 32Mb
    • Interface Type: serialOTA
    • Operating temperature: −40С°/+125С°
    • Antenna: Buil-inexternal antenna