Arduino Nano 33 BLE with headers soldered

Description of product


Arduino Nano 33 BLE is a compact board built around the NINA B306 module,  based on the Nordic nRF52840 and containing a powerful Cortex M4F. The Nano 33 BLE features an architecture that is fully compatible with Arduino IDE Online and Offline. The device has a 9 axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and reduced power consumption compared to other same size boards. This allows for designing wearable devices and movement sensing projects that need to communicate at  close range. Arduino Nano 33 BLE is ideal for automation projects thanks to the multiprotocol BT 5.0 radio.


  • Micro: UBLOX NINA B306 (nordic nRF52)
  • Security: ECC608 crypto chip
  • Clock: 64MHz
  • Flash: 1MB
  • RAM: 256KB
  • Circuit voltage 3.3V
  • I/O : 8 analog pins , 14 digital pins
  • Interfaces : 1 UART // 1 SPI // 1 I2C
  • Sensors: IMU 6 Axis
  • Dimensions: 45x25mm