Ambient 2 click

Description of product

Ambient 2 click carries TI’s OPT3001 Ambient Light sensor. It’s a small (2mm x 2mm) single-chip lux meter that measures only the visible part of the light spectrum from any kind of source (mimicking the way humans see light). It does so by filtering out 99% of infrared light. The measurement range of Ambient 2 click is from 0.01 Lux to 83k lux, and a 23-bit resolution. Communication with the target MCU is done through mikroBUS I2C pins, with an additional INT pin which can be used for triggering wake-up events (offloading the MCU).



ApplicationsDisplay panel backlighting, street light control, security lighting and so on
On-board modulesOPT3001 Ambient Light sensor
Key Features0.01 lux to 83k lux range, 23-bit resolution
Key BenefitsApproximates light response of human eye
Input Voltage3.3V
Click board sizeS (28.6 x 25.4 mm)