Altair Embed Basic- Annual Single User License

Altair Embed Basic- Annual Single User License


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Description of product

Embed is a proven tool for developing embedded systems by automatically generating code from block diagram models and transferring them to popular controller hardware.

Once you have a working simulation based on a system diagram, you can automatically generate the associated code for your hardware controller and readily test the design using hardware-in-the-loop (HIL).

Altair Embed® Basic is a proven tool for developing embedded systems and validating designs via simulation or Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL). With Embed Basic, you can build complex logic quickly, deploy it easily, and be confident it is production ready. Its model-based paradigm ensures easy validation of intricate embedded logic, as well as providing deep support for thousands of popular microprocessors (MCUs) from
Texas Instruments™, STMicroelectronics®, Arduino®, Raspberry Pi®, and more. The generated code is highly optimized and compact, which is essential for low-cost
MCUs and high-speed sampling rates. 

Altair Embed Basic has all the features and functionality of Altair Embed, with the exception that block diagrams are limited to no more than 100 blocks. You can open and execute diagrams that exceed this limit, but you cannot save changes you make to them.

Highlights :

  • Diagrams limited to no more than 100 blocks
  • Intuitive graphical interface for simulation and HIL of embedded systems
  • Rapid prototyping and code generation for
  • Automatic programming of on-chip peripherals
  • Embedded development of IoT devices
  • Production-quality C code with automatic scaling of fixed-point operations
  • Algorithm validation using off-line simulation
  • Automatic compilation, linking, and download of algorithm to the target
  • JTAG and serial Hotlink for-in-the-loop verification
  • Retain GUI while the algorithm executes on the target

Installation and Training support would be provided via a Email/Webmeeting 

Altair Embed Videos 

Building a Arduino Bluetooth Robot using Altair Embed Basic