Alchitry Br Prototype Element Board (No Top Connectors)

Description of product


The Alchitry Br Element Board without top connectors is a prototyping periphery for the Au or Cu FPGA Development Boards. The Br breaks out all the signals on the four headers running from your Au or Cu and has a large prototyping area with a 0.1" pin grid for custom circuits.

Alchitry Elements are expansion boards similar to shields for an Arduino or HATs for a Raspberry Pi but these are meant for your Au and Cu FPGA Development Boards. This Element is equipped with four connectors on the underside of the board that snap to an Au or Cu board. Be aware that this version of the Br does not feature any connection points on the top of the board so you won't be able to stack any additional Elements on top of it. There is also a set of female headers (sold separately) available that can be soldered into the prototyping area so you can test out new circuits without making them a permanent resident of the Br Element!