ADS1015 12-Bit ADC - 4 Channel with Programmable Gain

Description of product

ADS1015 12-Bit ADC - 4 Channel with Programmable Gain Amplifier

For microcontrollers without an analog-to-digital converter or when you want a higher-precision ADC, the ADS1015 provides 12-bit precision at 3300 samples/second over I2C. The chip can be configured as 4 single-ended input channels, or two differential channels. As a nice bonus, it even includes a programmable gain amplifier, up to x16, to help boost up smaller single/differential signals to the full range. We like this ADC because it can run from 2V to 5V power/logic, can measure a large range of signals and its super easy to use. It is a great general purpose 12 bit converter.


Technical details

  • Wide supply range: 2.0v to 5.5v
  • Low current consumption: continuous mode: only 150µa single-shot mode: auto shut-down
  • Programmable data rate: 128sps to 3.3ksps
  • Internal low-drift voltage reference
  • Internal oscillator
  • Internal pga
  • I2c interface: pin-selectable addresses
  • Four single-ended or two differential inputs
  • Programmable comparator
  • This board/chip uses i2c 7-bit addresses between 0x48-0x4b, selectable with jumpers