ADC3140EVM-PDK Evaluation Module
ADC3140EVM-PDK Evaluation Module

Description of product


Texas Instruments ADC3140EVM-PDK Evaluation Module allows the user to test the capabilities of the TLV320ADC3140 device, which is a quad-channel, high-performance audio analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The TLV320ADC3140 is intended for voice-activated systems, professional microphones, audio conferencing, portable computing, communication, and entertainment applications.

The ADC3140EVM-PDK Evaluation Module is paired with the AC-MB (included in the kit). The AC-MB is a flexible motherboard that provides power, control, and digital audio data to the ADC3140EVM-PDK Evaluation Module.


  • Complete performance demonstration kit (PDK) for TLV320ADC3140
  • High-performance audio ADC: 106dB dynamic range
  • Onboard microphone provided for voice-recording testing
  • Direct access to digital audio signals and control interface for simple end-system integration
  • USB connection to PC provides power, control, and streaming audio data for easy evaluation
  • Easy evaluation and demonstration via PurePath™ Console software platform (PUREPATHCONSOLE)