ACS758LCB-050B Current Sensor Module

ACS758LCB-050B Current Sensor Module

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Description of product


This Module is Based on Allegro Hall effect Based Linear Current Sensor IC ACS758LCB-050B. This is 50 Ampere Bi-directional current sensor Module. 

The relationship between voltage output and current input:
 VOUT = VOUT(Q) + Vsens x I VOUT(Q) is the quiescent output voltage, which is VCC/2, which is the output voltage when there is no input. Vsens is a sensor-sensitive scale, also known as a coefficient. I is the current flowing from IP+ to IP-.
For example, suppose the sensor model is 050B, VCC is 5V, and I current is 10A, then the output is 5V / 2+40mV/A x10A=2.9V.

Features of Bidirectional Current Sensor Module ACS758LCB-050B

  • Operating voltage: 3 to 5 Volts (MAX 8 V)
  • Static output voltage: VCC/2
  • Operating current: 13.5 mA (MAX)
  • Storage temperature range: -65 °C – 165 °C
  • Maximum output current (VIOUT-GND): 3 mA
  • Internal bandwidth: 120 KHz
  • Detection current range (A): ±50
  • Linearity (mV/A): 40
  • Working temperature (°C): -40 to 150
  • Module size: 37mm x 18mm
  • Module weight: 8.8 g