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ABC Kit For Arduino Uno R3 With 250+ Page Detailed Colorful Graphic Pdf Tutorial

Quaduino Uno R3 ( Arduino-Compatible board) x1
Red Led x1
Green Led x1
Yellow Led x1
Blue Led x1
RGB Led x1
Led Bar graph x1
7 Segment diplay 1 digit x1
7 Segment diplay 4 digit x1
LED Matrix x1
Resistors – 220, 1k, 10k x10
RFID + Key x1
Potentiometer x3
Capacitor 0.1uf x2
Capacitor 10uf x2
Push Button x4
Push Button big x4
Push Button big cap x4
Switch x2
Viration switch x1
Keypad x1
1N4001 Diode x2
1N4148 Diode x2
NPN Transistor x2
PNP Transistor x2
2AA – holder x1
9v – holder x1
Breadboard powersupply x1
L293D chip x1
74HC595 chip x1
Active Buzzer x1
Passive Buzzer x1
DHT11 x1
Thermistor x1
Relay Yellow x1
DC motor x1
SG90 Servo motor x1
Stepper motor x1
Stepper motor driver x1
Joystick x1
Motion sensor x1
IR remote x1
IR Receiver x1
Ultrasonic Sensor x1
MPU 6050 x1
I2C 1602 Lcd x1
Breadboard x1
65pcs Jumper cable x1
F-F Jumper cable x10
F-M Jumper cable x10
Soldering general board x2
40pin header Male x1
40pin header Female x1
Resistor card x1
Box x1