EMI Gaskets, Sheets, Absorbers & Shielding OStrSd EcE050 1.8MM

EMI Gaskets, Sheets, Absorbers & Shielding OStrSd EcE050 1.8MM

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Description of product

Electroseal™ Conductive Elastomer Extrusions

Laird Performance Materials Electroseal™ Conductive Elastomer Extrusions provide environmental sealing and excellent mechanical and electromagnetic shielding properties. The shielding system consists of a conductive gasket sandwiched between a metal housing and lid. The primary function of these gaskets is to provide sufficient electrical conductivity across the enclosure/gasket/lid junction to meet grounding and EMI shielding requirements. The conductive elastomer extrusions are ideal for applications that demand both environmental sealing and EMI shielding and can be used in a wide range of operating temperatures. The compounds can be supplied in molded or extruded shapes, sheet stock, custom extruded, or die-cut shapes to meet the wide variety of military and commercial applications.