8 Mega Pixel Digital Camera Board with GPIO Interface From Terasic Inc.

Description of product

Board Category: Daughter Card

Components & Interface: Expansion: Generic; Video: Camera

End Market: Automotive, Broadcast, Computer & Storage, Consumer, Industrial, Medical, Military, Test & Measurement, Wireline

Technology: General Purpose

Board Feature: General User IO: LED

Arria Series: Intel® Arria® 10: Intel® Arria® 10 GX

Cyclone Series: Cyclone® II; Cyclone® IV: Cyclone® IV E; Cyclone® V: Cyclone® V E, Cyclone® V GX; Cyclone® V SoC: Cyclone® V SE, Cyclone® V SX

MAX Series: Intel® MAX® 10: Intel® MAX® 10 DA

Stratix Series: Stratix® V: Stratix® V GX