8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 64KB Flash, 4K RAM, 512 EEPROM, 12b ADCC, 8b DAC, DMA, 16-bit PWM, PPS, UART, SPI/I2C

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PIC18-Q40 8-Bit MCUs with XLP Technology

Microchip Technology PIC18-Q40 8-Bit Microcontrollers with XLP Technology are compact, high-performance MCUs with advanced analog peripherals for sensor and real-time control applications. These devices are equipped with a 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter with Computation (ADCC) and two 8-bit Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) for improved data acquisition and sensor interfacing capabilities. The PIC18-Q40 MCUs include a 16-bit PWM module, which provides dual independent outputs on the same time base. Additional features include a vectored interrupt controller with fixed latency for handling interrupts, system bus arbiter, Direct Memory Access (DMA) capabilities, UART with support for asynchronous, DMX, DALI, and LIN protocols, SPI, I2C, and a programmable 32-bit Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) with memory scan.