Fixed Inductors WE-HIDA THT 22uH 7A DCR=13.6mOhms 20%

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WE-HIDA & WE-LHM Digital Audio Inductors

Würth Elektronik introduces high-current inductors for digital audio amplifiers: the WE-HIDA and WE-LHMD series. The WE-HIDA series includes MnZn THT inductors with flat or round wire. They can be categorized in a single package or a two-in-one package design with two inductors in one package (co-coupled inductors). The WE-LHMD series includes molded SMT inductors featuring a stacked design, with two molded inductors stacked on each other, offering space savings on PCBs. Würth Elektronik WE-HIDA and WE-LHM Digital Audio Inductors are ideal for use in Class D audio amplifiers and digital amplifiers.