6S 25A 18650 Lithium Battery Protection Board

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Battery protection board, as the name suggests battery protection board is mainly rechargeable (Refers to the lithium battery) and protects the integrated circuit board. As the lithium battery, its material determines itself can not be overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, short circuit, and ultra-high temperature charge and discharge, so lithium battery lithium components will always follow A protective plate with sampling resistor, and a current fuse.

Providing all above features this 6S BMS board can combine 6 x 18650 battery to form a battery pack to provide up to 25V DC output at 25A current which can be used for heavy applications such as Drilling Machine, Car Washer etc. provides a different variety of the charger protection board, for more boards clicks here.

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  1. Overcharging and Over Discharging Protection
  2. Short circuit protection: Yes
  3. Applicable assembly: Nominal 3.7V Batteries / 6 strings.

Package Includes:

1 x 6S 25A 18650 Lithium Battery Protection Board