6" Stroke 25 lb Thrust Heavy Duty Linear Actuator

6" Stroke 25 lb Thrust Heavy Duty Linear Actuator

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Our heavy duty linear actuators can be used in place of pneumatics or hydraulics. The heavy duty linear actuators are driven by high torque brushed DC gearmotors coupled to an ACME screw to create a linear drive. The ACME screw provides efficient linear thrust that can handle loads in both the pushing and pulling orientation. The linear actuators can handle an incredible amount of static load and will hold position even when power is removed. The fixed limit switches at each end of the actuator will cut power when tripped to prevent over-run. Each actuator has a built-in potentiometer which can be used for positioning feedback if your application requires. The aluminum construction with metal drive gears ensures tremendous durability and reliability. Extension shaft is 0.785” diameter. Mounting points are 5/16” diameter. ROHS and CE listed.