5V USB Power PAM8403 Mini Digital Audio Amplifier Board

Description of product

Technical Specifications:

  • Miniature digital power amplifier board 2x3w class D power amplifier board, Can work on USB power supply.
  • Good noise suppression
  • Input audio should be via sheilded wire
  • Dual channel stereo output 3 w + 3 w power
  • Works with 5v power supply
  • can directly drive 4 Ω/8 Ω small speakers
  • big output power, sound quality is good.
  • Unique without LC filter class D digital power board
  • can use computer USB power supply directly
  • Double panel wiring, super mini design, can easily fit in a variety of digital products
  • high amplification efficiency
  • made with solid plate welding machine
  • Super size: 1.85 x 2.11 cm

Note: Do not mix the "negative" of the left and the right output channel with "negative" of the power supply, otherwise it will burn the IC.