5 inch 800x480 Capacitive TouchScreen
5 inch 800x480 Capacitive TouchScreen

Description of product

This is our brand new product, it is a fantastic HDMI monitor with capacitive touch screen and driver free. It's been tested on Raspberry Pi, beagle bone black, windows 10 and Mac book pro. And it works well on those platform and it really plug and play, all you need to do is to adjust the resolution(on RaspberryPi).

It supports 800x480 resolution and you may find that the pictures are more bright when you are using this display. The capacitive touch function give the user full control over any device. It's driver free for your device due to built-in EDID device information, it is very easy to let the equipment correctly identified the touch screen. And the Capacitive USB touch screen can support functions of the right mouse button and drag and drop, and also support multipoint touch, maximum 10 points.(only test in windows 10)

For use with a Raspberry Pi we suggest editing config.txt to set the HDMI to the native 800x480 in case it doesn't detect the resolution properly.

The easiest way to edit the config.txt is to put the Pi TF card into an every day computer and edit config.txt with any text editor and save.


•Resolution up to 800 x 480

•USB Capacitive touch control

•Free-driver, Plug and Play

•Supports Raspbian, Ubuntu Mate, NOOBS with RaspberryPi

•Supports Debian, Angstrom with BeagleBone

•Supports Windows / Ubuntu / Mac with PC

•Supports Intel-Processor Base MiniPC

•ULP (Ultra Low Power) consumption backlight