36 Infrared LED Board For HD CMOS 800TVL BULLET CCTV Camera

Description of product


36 LED Night Vision IR Illuminated board for Security Camera, is a good replacement for your broken IR LED board, suitable for security cameras.It Provides 36 LEDs infrared bulbs with a wavelength of 850nm.

The night vision is a concept in which the light source of the camera that we are using should not be visible to the normal human eyes and must be visible to the camera.By default, if a night vision camera is fixed on outdoors to monitor intrusion, the camera will use the sun light as light source and there is no need for IR radiations. If the IR source (LED array) is ON, it will consume considerable amount of power which will reduce the battery backup. To avoid this, use an LDR based system which will sense the lack of visible light source in the environment and switch on the IR LED array. The IR LED array will emmit IR radiations which is invisible to human eyes but visible to camera.

When the visible light ( sun light ) is available in the environment the LDR will sense the same and switch off the LED array. IR LED light board could provide you great performance without much energy consuming and also has a built-in auto protection circuit which may protect the board against damaging by high voltage.


  • 36 LEDs infrared bulbs, 5mm
  • Working distance: 20m
  • Working valtage: 12V
  • Wavelength: 850 nm
  • Projection angel: optional 45-60-90 degrees (default 60 degrees)
  • Operation distance: 15~30m
  • Dimensions:52mm
  • Applicative lens: 8mm,6mm,3.6mm lens

Package includeds  

  • 1 x Infrared (IR) Led Light Board - 850nm IR for HD CMOS 800TVL Bullet 36-Led-5mm