2ED300C17STROHSBPSA1 - Development Board, EiceDriver Safe IGBT Gate Driver, 2-Channel, Extended Temperature

Description of product


Dual channel high voltage IGBT driver board Product Highlights

 Galvanically isolated dual channel IGBT driver

 Reinforced isolation according to EN 50178

 Integrated protection features

 5kV isolation test performed as 100% test

 High Electromagnetic Compatibility


 Designed for Infineon IGBT modules up to 1700V

 High peak output current of 30A

 Integrated DC-DC SMPS

 Soft Shut Down in fault conditions

 Dynamic Over Current Detection

 IGBT desaturation monitoring

 Interlocking in half-bridge mode

 Open drain fault output

 Low impedance 15V inputs for high noise immunity

 ±15 V secondary drive voltage

 Short propagation delay time

 Optional sense function

 RoHS compliant

 UL94V-2 compliant materials

Typical Applications

 Renewable energies

 Drives and automation

 Transportation

 Power supplies

 Medical

 UPS systems