About Tenet Technetronics:

     Tenet Technetronics focuses on “Simplifying Technology for Life” and has been striving to deliver the same from the day of its inception since 2007. Founded by young set of graduates with guidance from ardent professionals and academicians the company focuses on delivering high quality products to its customers at the right cost considering the support and lifelong engagement with customers. “We don’t believe in a sell and forget model “and concentrate and building relationships with customers that accelerates, enhances as well as provides excellence in their next exciting project. 

    Tenet Technetronics is one of the leading distributors of electronic development tools and a preferred vendor for open hardware in India and also consultants for delivering off the shelf services and quality oriented design services. Our technical support team’s work in various areas related to software, hardware, and software-hardware system design.

    The company now hosts more than 25 resident engineers, support staff, accounts and research heads and we clearly are growing at a rapid pace to increase our strengths in different stream. The new initiatives in the recent times to publish all the happenings on the blogspot which serves as the mirror to showcase the years of work that we have done and technical literature the openly captures the practices are initiatives to attract more and more future makers/entrepreneurs to take up challenging projects.

Vision -  Provide optimized solutions to our customers through continuous Innovation and Simplifying Technology for Life”